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This blog had been set up to help ALL Indie Authors promote their work particularly those based in the UK. All are welcome here but I will remove posts that I believe to be offensive in nature.
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Mine by Scarlett Metal

Indie Authors Posted on Mon, August 26, 2013 12:34:54

Happy Release day to Scarlett Metal

Book: MINE (Naughty Girl, #2)

Author: Scarlett Metal

Genre: Erotica Romance, Novella

Release date: August 26, 2013

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Alexandra opened her heart and let herself be
vulnerable to Paul. The walls around Paul’s heart were torn down by the feisty
Alex. Both of them are happier than they’ve been in a long time.

Paul’s ex-wife comes to town and turns their
life upside down with news that shakes Paul to the core, making him question
everything he’s ever done. Will Alex be reminded of why she’s never trusted
anyone and leave? Can Paul show Alex that she’s the only one for him before
it’s too late? Or will someone else from their past destroy them beyond repair?

Author Bio:

Scarlett lives in the Midwest with her family.
When she’s not busy writing steamy stories, she can be found with her nose in a
book, camping, or geocaching with her family. She loves Diet Coke, Tina Fey and
Amy Poehler, and 80’s hair bands.

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Savannah Leigh

Indie Authors Posted on Tue, August 13, 2013 12:17:06

First of all I would like to congratulate Savannah Leigh on the release of her new book WITH THIS RING…

Lily is a thirty-two year
old single woman who owns Wedding Dreams. She spends her days planning weddings
for other people. She is a realist, and knows that marriage is not in the cards
for her.

Drew Hamilton is a
thirty-six year old lawyer who has no desire to have a wife or family.

But, he is plagued by his
desire to grant his mother’s only wish.

When Drew meets Lily at a
wedding, he thinks he has a solution to both of their problems. If only Lily
sees it the same way.


Savannah Leigh is a
small-town girl with big city dreams. She has always had a love of romance
novels and never thought she would actually be able to publish one of her own.
Savannah is inspired by photos of shirtless men on the internet, hot actors in
steamy scenes, and her own fantasies. A lover of wine and Bailey’s Irish
Cream, Savannah enjoys spending time with friends and reading steamy novels.

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Giveaway for a chance to win some great prizes!

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Indestructible Desire, Danielle Jamie

Indie Authors Posted on Mon, August 05, 2013 15:28:10


After going through a terrifying ordeal.
Savannah has to try and overcome the tragic events that rocked her soul to the
very core. With Kayden by her side Savannah tries to piece her life back
together. Feeling betrayed, she finds herself struggling to move on with her
now fragile life.

Plagued with nightmares, and the fear that she will once again find herself
staring in to the face of danger. Savannah shuts herself away from the outside
world. In the process pushing away the man she loves and her closest friends.
Praying on her weakness, two unlikely people will come together. With the sole
purpose of separating Savannah and Kayden when their relationship is on shaky

With past secrets exposed, Exes causing trouble and lovers from the past
offering comfort. Will Savannah and Kayden be torn apart for good? Or will
their indestructible love for one another be strong enough to withstand the
storms coming their way?


Author Bio

I am 28 and a mother
of 3 wonderful kids. Madison 9 Bailey 5 and Finn 22months. I run a successful
online boutique, Bailey Booper’s Boutique; many of my items featured on Teen
Mom 2. I live in a small town in NY with my husband of 10 years, enjoying my
happily ever after. My perfect day is spending time at the beach, I love the
Ocean. I’m an outdoorsy type of girl; every chance I get I’m outside walking or
running around with my kids.

I have been writing
for as long as I can remember but I finally decide to peruse my dreams of
sharing my stories with the world when I published my first Novel Irresistible
Desire back in March.



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LONG Excerpt


With long
quick strides we walked through the double doors and down a long corridor. I
hate not knowing how she is. If she’s okay, or what the extent of her injuries
are. The not knowing is what is hurting me the most.

I love her way too much to lose her. We’ve
only just begun our journey together. After what feels like forever, we finally
stop in front of room 112. “You can sit in here. I’ll let the charge nurse know
you have permission to be back here. She’ll likely be able to answer most of
your questions. We have myself and another officer guarding her room. Officer
Gordon is in the O.R. with her right now.”

Sitting down
in one of the chairs by the hospital bed, I take in everything he’s saying but
my head seems like it’s in a fog. “Thanks. I hope they catch Zak sooner rather
than later, so I can focus on carin’ for Savannah instead of stressing’ over if
he’s gonna show up and try to hurt her again.”

“I imagine
we’ll catch him very soon. He’s suffered injuries from the crash. He’s on foot,
and there are police officers and detectives searching everywhere. The entire
area is closed off with road blocks.”

Officer Mason went to find the ER nurse, I decided to flick through a magazine
and try to distract myself. Two magazines later a nurse finally walked into
Savannah’s hospital room. “Hi, Mr. Knox. I’m Kathy, the evening nurse here in
the E.R., the doctor is in surgery right now with Savannah. He’ll be down to
talk about everythin’ once she’s out of surgery.”

Setting the
magazine down, I stand up, and wipe my damp palms on my jeans. My nerves are
getting the best of me. The worst case scenarios have been running through my
head the last fifteen minutes. “The EMT’s at the crash site mentioned potential
swelling of the brain?”

“Yes. She
wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, so when the car flipped she received a lot of
injuries, one of them being the swelling. She’s in surgery now so they can
relieve the pressure on her brain. They also believe she has some bruised or
fractured ribs and a sprained or broken wrist. We won’t know for sure until
after she comes out of surgery and the doctors can do some X-rays.”

“Was she still
unconscious when she went into surgery? When the EMT’s were checking her over
she wasn’t responsive before they put her in the ambulance.”

Looking down
at the clip board she had removed from Savannah’s door, she lets out a sigh.
Instantly making the knot in the pit of my stomach tighten. “It says here she
was unconscious and non-responsive when she arrived in the E.R., and was still
when they rushed her into surgery. Her brain is just trying to heal. To do so
it sometimes has to shut itself off in order to repair itself. She will more
than likely wake up within the next few hours to maybe a few days. It’s hard to
tell with brain injuries.”

I’m thankful
I finally know what’s going on, but now I wonder was I better off being in the
dark? I’m dizzy from everything buzzing around in my head. What will I do if
she doesn’t wake up? If she does, what if she wakes up not the same Savannah
she was before her accident? Zak better pray the cops catch him and not me. If
I do, he won’t be going to jail. He’ll be in the ground right beside Jacob.

Steal My Heart by Lisa Eugene

Indie Authors Posted on Wed, July 31, 2013 14:00:05

Book: Steal My Heart

Author: Lisa Eugene

Genre: Erotica Romance

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Lawson is an OR nurse, a certified germaphobe! She likes to keep things clean
and orderly. When she meets Ex-Navy SEAL, Gabe Masters, on the New York City
subway, he’s disguised as a dingy, dirty hobo. She cringes as she’s forced to
use her nursing skills to revive him. Gabe Masters narrowly escaped his latest
assignment, but concerned about the data he’s stolen, he slips it into
the pocket of the nurse who came to his aide.

to retrieve it, he breaks into her apartment. What he finds is that his
angelic savior is not as compliant as he’d hoped. And Maggie finds that her
hobo patient is a ‘dirty boy’ in more ways than one! After being forced to do
his bidding, she unwittingly gets entangled in a dangerous, fast-paced, sexy
adventure that tests the boundaries of her spirit and the capacity of her
heart. Gabe’s passion spirals her to unimaginable heights. She soon starts to
wonder if he is the real danger. They learn to trust each other as they try to
figure out who is after them. As the mystery unfolds they also realize the
significance of the research data that was stolen and its monumental
importance. Will Maggie be able to convince this professional thief to do the
right thing? Will she succumb to this ‘dirty boy’ who’s keeping secrets about
his past, or will she chose to keep things clean? Gabe Masters has always
walked away. That’s how he’s lived his life. No commitments. No ties. He’s
lived years with pain and guilt. Will he be able to give his heart to this
woman who finally brings him peace, or will he do what he does best and walk

Author Bio:

Lisa Eugene lives on Long Island, NY with her
husband an three rambunctious kids. Between juggling a full time job and
being a soccer mom, she enjoys a good romance. Mrs. Eugene has been in the
medical field for over twenty years. Her books also have a medical suspense
theme. Her first book, Strictly Business, a contemporary erotic romance, is a
finalist in the Readers’ Favorite Annual International Award Contest.

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So what are you waiting for? Go and buy it now!!!

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Happy Release Day

Indie Authors Posted on Fri, July 26, 2013 14:30:05

Happy Release Day to Rachel M Raithby!!!

Whats it about I hear you say?

thought she was normal, ordinary…

thought he’d spend his whole life seeking revenge…

Find out
what happens when the one you love is your enemy…

When Lexia sneaks out one night
to go to a party, she hardly expects to be attacked by vampires. Much less be
able to kill them with her bare hands.

That night triggers events Lexia
can’t escape and soon she struggles to keep up the facade around her friends
and family.

And then there’s Lincoln, she
finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. But Lexia senses he wants something
more dangerous than a simple romance.

has secrets and what she learns changes her life forever.

A story
of love, loss and betrayal. Only one thing is certain Lexia and Lincoln’s
lives will never be the same again.

SERIOUSLY HOW AWESOME DOES THIS SOUND!! And who was responsible for this novel…..

was born and raised in N.E, England and then moved to New Zealand in
2008. She now lives in Queensland,
Australia with her husband, two children and the family dog and horse. LEXIA is her debut novel, and she is
currently working on the next book in The Deadwood Hunter series and also a YA
Fantasy novel.

Now go out and buy it before I beat you with a stick!

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DO you want more? Of Course you do….here’s a sneak peak…


The panther
prowled the night drawn to something he didn’t understand; leaping from rooftop
to rooftop, he heard a soft cry. Landing on the next roof he looked down to see
a young woman being attacked by vampires, but just as he was about to drop down
to save her, she let out a wild cry, throwing them off. He froze, transfixed,
as she ripped them apart with her bare hands like a wild, crazed animal. Moving
with cat-like grace, she spun around to face the last vampire and when he
noticed her eyes, they were a pure crystal blue until brilliant golden streaks
bled through them lighting up the dark night.

That’s what you are, Little Wildcat, he thought, moving back into the
shadows as her screams rang out into the night.

Chapter One

Her feet
pounded on the pavement as she raced down the dirty backstreets of Deadwood;
the night had turned cool turning each heavy breath into a misty vapor.

They’re so fast, she thought,
why didn’t I stay in tonight? Just for some stupid party! Now I’m being chased
by these… these… things. What are they?

Lexia turned
the corner, stumbling on the uneven curb, and gasped as she came to a dead end.

She whirled
around to see the three creatures circling her. Fear closed her throat; she
tried to scream but nothing would come out. Her eyes widened in fright as they
flashed their razor sharp teeth at her. Vampires?

They had
blood-red eyes and pale ghostly skin stretched tight over hard angular bones;
they looked like the living dead! And they were going to kill her.

Lexia backed
into the wall, her hands grazing along the rough surface, wishing she could
somehow melt into it. She felt so frightened and her body shook in terror as
tears silently streamed down her face. I’m
sorry, Dad,
she thought as they all leapt at once; a whimper left her lips
as she curled into a ball, their razor sharp nails slashing at her skin,
gouging into her flesh. She cried out in pain, fear crushing her mind,
blackness taking over, when…

Lexia felt
her mind go blank and the pain… it was torture as adrenaline rushed through
her veins, charging her muscles with strength, taking over her body. With a cry
she stood up throwing the vampires off her; it all happened so quickly, she
tore them limb from limb like a crazed animal until there was nothing left but
her quivering body soaked in blood. A metallic bitter smell filled her
nostrils; she could hear her heavy breaths, and looking around all she saw was
red, death, and darkness.

Lexia stood
for what felt like hours looking upon the scene before her; the torn bodies
slowly rotted in front of her eyes, then panic bubbled to the surface as she
finally got her voice back and she screamed, screamed so hard her throat
burned. Tears ran down her blood-stained face as she realized what she’d done –
she’d created this darkness, she’d caused their deaths.

People running to her cries could be heard in the distance; snapping
back to reality, Lexia looked around one last time, how do I explain this? I can’t. She ran into the night not paying
attention to the direction she took or the fact that she could now run faster
than she ever had before. Lexia just thought of putting one foot in front of
the other, of the vibrations travelling up each foot as it pounded on the

Lexia woke
early the next morning on the forest floor; her body felt stiff with the dried
blood that coated her skin. As her brain slowly remembered the previous night
she shot up on her feet, spinning around, bracing to attack.

But she was
alone, surrounded only by tall pine trees, their needles littered the floor and
stuck to her clothes. Lexia glanced around herself one last time and then shot
off through the trees to her home. ‘Dad’s
going to freak if I don’t get home in time!
’ As that thought drifted
through her head, Lexia somehow found the energy to run faster. Five minutes
later she stood at the edge of the trees that lined her garden. There were no
signs of life in the old wooden house, so she ran to the trellis below her
window climbing with an ease she’d never had before. She got back in her room
and under the duvet as her dad poked his head around the door.

“Time to get
up Lex, sweetie.”

Lexia’s dad,
Mike, had raised her on his own since her mother, Lucy, had walked out when
Lexia was 5 months old. Lexia had only one picture of her mother, it was taken
when she had just been born; Lucy was looking down at her baby, her pale blond
hair covering her face. Lexia didn’t know what she looked like but sometimes
she would dream of a woman with blond hair singing to her.

Lexia had
asked her dad if her mother had sung to her as a child but he would never
answer her questions about her mother; he always closed up and snapped at her
as if the mere thought of Lucy caused him pain. Lexia had tried to come to
terms with the fact that she would never know her mother and the reason she’d
been left behind; but sometimes, no matter how hard Lexia tried, she would long
to meet her mother.

As her dad
walked down the stairs, Lexia got up and looked at herself in the full-length
mirror that hung on the back of the door.

Her long
boots were torn and the leather stained darker on the toes and ankles; her
hands trailed over her shredded jeans. The back of her blouse was also in
ribbons. She took it off looking at her torn skin and where it had already
started to heal, some gashes were just faint, red lines. Stripping off the rest
of her clothes, Lexia stood looking at herself in her underwear. Even with all
the muck and blood that stained her skin, she couldn’t miss the subtle changes
to her body. Her stomach was just that tiny bit tighter, the slightest hints of
a six pack showing. In fact her whole body just seemed more refined; as she
moved forward muscles shifted under her skin. Lexia looked closely at a slash
across her cheek and gasped as it started to heal. She watched in horror as the
flesh knitted back together, felt the tingling, stabbing sensation, and then
prodded her finger against the red scar line as it disappeared.

“What has
happened to me?” she whispered against her fingers.

She wanted
to hide, to run, to cry, but then she noticed her eyes and how they had
changed. No longer were they just a clear, crystal blue but blue with a fine
rim of gold lining the pupil. She couldn’t hide from this; there was something
wrong with her, the evidence staring back at her every time she looked in a

started to back away from the mirror. She couldn’t seem to tear her eyes away
from the person staring back at her. She could feel herself trembling and hear
the galloping rhythm of her heart. So many emotions bombarded her as she
decided whether to call for help or hide away from the world. She stumbled
forward as the back of her legs hit the foot of her bed. “What am I?” she

everything alright?” her Dad called up the stairs.

She didn’t
answer at first. Am I okay?


“Yeah… fine, Dad. Just tripped,” she called. Her
eyes hardening, she could never tell a soul.

Lexia dashed
across the hall and locked herself in the bathroom. She stepped into the bath,
turning on the shower and watched as the water turned red at her feet from the
near-scalding cascade skimming over her body. She stared at the pale blue walls
of the bathroom, the night before playing over and over in her head and she
wondered whether she had gone mad, whether everything that had happened had
just been a dream. Then she glanced down to the pink water pooled at her feet
and realized she wasn’t mad. The blood washing off her body wasn’t make-believe
and the cuts and scrapes that covered her skin had been made from the sharp
nails of vampires, but the scariest thing of all – magically watching her skin
heal. What am I? she thought again.

The Law of Attaction

Indie Authors Posted on Tue, July 23, 2013 13:02:05

Today I have new release for you all and what a book it is!!

Who is this awesome Author?….. N.M. Silber

Once upon a time … N.M. Silber was a criminal defense attorney who got up each morning, donned her power suit and sensible pumps, downed a gallon of coffee and set out to “fight the good fight” while trying to not go insane. Having a dark sense of humor and a sarcastic wit helped — a lot. Another thing that helped was reading. As escapism was the goal, she liked to read romance novels, especially really funny ones and really smutty ones. Then one day something beautiful happened — she read one that was both funny and smutty at the same time. She hung up her power suit, put away her sensible pumps and moved her coffee mug to her computer. Now she writes funny and smutty romance novels herself and she lives happily ever after.

Cover Design by Carrie Spencer.

Edited by Julie Roberts

What’s it all about I hear you say…

NOTICE: This book contains explicit descriptions of sexual situations and mature language. It is intended for readers over the age of eighteen.

A funny, hot, and sexy new release from N.M. Silber

Once upon a time two lawyers fell in love across a courtroom …

Gabrielle Ginsberg was a public defender with plenty of nerve and Braden Pierce was an assistant district attorney with a whole lot of swagger. Gabrielle wanted Braden and Braden wanted Gabrielle.
And Cameron wanted Gabrielle.
And Marla wanted Braden.
And Cole wanted Gabrielle.
And Mrs. Mason wanted Braden.
And an anonymous letter writer wanted to keep Gabrielle and Braden apart.
Together Gabrielle and Braden discovered many important things, like which doors at the courthouse actually locked, and that desks could be useful for more than writing. They also found out that the path of love was not always smooth, and it was sometimes trod upon by some really wacky people, like a confused fanny grabber, an eighty-two year old pothead and a gentleman who threw a wine and cheese party in his pants. Could true love overcome a lack of privacy, interference by jealous rivals and the insanity of the criminal court system?

Go and buy it…

Release date July 23, 2013 and available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Kobo.

How to contact…


HJ Bellus

Indie Authors Posted on Sat, July 13, 2013 14:18:59

About the Author:

I am an independent author excited about releasing my first novel very soon. A big dream coming true!!! I’m all country…the kinda country where green grass grows and corn pops up in rows….love Miranda and her bad ass music!!! Just a simple country girl getting one story out of her head at a time…I always fall hard for a trucker style hat…especially if it’s a John Deere hat….loves me a good ol’ farm boy!!!!!!

About his novel…My Now & Forever

Whose parents abandon them in a trashy trailer when they are five years old? Oh Yeah! Mine do!

Hey Hoochies! I’m Milly, and I am tired of taking kicks to the gut. A broken family, an asshole husband and the loss of loved ones have left me crying Uncle, and declaring a serious case of the Fuck-Its!

I had my heart broken, stomped on and shattered before I ever started on my journey to find my little piece of happiness. With a bucket list, a ’66 Ford and wild dreams, I set out on an adventure that changed my life forever. Follow me on my journey that resurrected my inner badass.

I found my soul sista from another mista, and opened my dream shop along the way. Just when I gave up on finding true love, a pirate and a princess swept me off my ever lovin’ feet and filled my world with sprinkles, mac n’ cheese and the courage to live again. They forced my fragile heart to trust and love without fear.

Truth is, nobody’s past stays hidden forever. It’s an invisible monster waiting to attack and destroy. It has the capability to ruin everything you’ve worked to set right. All it takes is one final blow to the gut to end everything.

What Reviewers have said:

“Loved this book!!! Fell in love with all the characters. Can’t wait to read more by this author! Good job!!!”

“I truly enjoyed this book. Her snarky sense of humor and friends she surrounds herself with reminded me of myself. For all that happened in her life, she picks herself up and faces the world head on with bucket list in hand. I laughed, cried and cringed….but mostly smiled. The first-person writing style took me a little bit to get used to but when I did it was fun. Written from her perspective only, like it is in real life. Yep, I enjoyed this book and H.J. Bellus is now added to my list of authors to watch.”


Tara Barnacle

Indie Authors Posted on Sat, July 13, 2013 14:12:24

About the Author:

I’ve always written, even as a child, squashed in the back of the car on summer holidays I’d be scribbling little stories about the people and places that we drove through. Guess I’d be making notes on my iPad if I was a kid today! My middle writing years were less creative, although no less interesting, as non-fiction took up more and more of my writing time. At last, I’ve taken all of that study and blended it with my love of the hidden stories of people and places and the result was my first fiction ebook..Blood, Bone and Stone!

About her novel…Blood Bone and Stone

If you like archaeological fiction, reincarnation, and the joy of letting a mystery unravel page by page, this is for you! The story spans the millennia between modern day Oxford and Bronze Age Orkney, with the mysterious Glastonbury floating somewhere in between, combining modern day archaeology and ancient history, cutting edge DNA research and reincarnation, exploring the borders of life and death, and what it means to be a mother.

Iona is an archaeologist who is burying herself in her work in an attempt to forget her guilt and grief after the death of her mother. When the team uncovers the skeleton of a Bronze Age woman in the sands of an Orkney beach, Iona is about to discover the true nature of life and death, and the enduring nature of love. Sometimes, when we uncover the past, we discover ourselves.

What Reviewers have said:

“It has been a very long time since I read a book which I just could not put down! I do hope this is not the end of the story…more please! And now, three days after finishing the book, I am still thinking about the characters!”

“had to force myself to stop reading and go to sleep! I love archaeological fiction, and this is that and a whole lot more…a compelling story and engaging characters, but also jam packed with accurate historical and scientific information. What a fantastic read! Can’t wait for the next one!”


Sharon Coady

Indie Authors Posted on Sat, July 13, 2013 13:57:08

About the Author:

Sharon Coady was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in Rockville, Maryland. Sharon is a nurse working for the Veterans Administration. She is the mother of four daughters and grandmother to three granddaughters and seven grandsons. She lives in Florida with her husband Ed, three of her daughters and five of her grandchildren. Yesterdays Memories is her first book and this is the unedited version.

About her Novel…Yesterdays Memories

One year after Rogers death Emily finds herself driving outside of a small mountain town. She never expected to find her destiny as she rounded the bend in the road. There sitting on a small hill was a beautiful old home that appeared empty. Something compelled her to pull into the drive. As she parked her car and climbed out Emily felt she had finally come home.

Emily is thrown into a world she never knew existed when she moves into the home and stumbles upon a “window” in time.

What reviewers have said:

“Once I got started it took all of my will power to close my lap top up and go to bed. It will keep you on the edge wondering what is going to happen next. What an awesome ending, didn’t see that one coming… very cool book… Reminded me of my grandmother’s old house and how I wish I could make this book come true.”

“I thought this was a very interesting book, couldn’t put it down. I am not into time travel books but this one was done so well I really enjoyed it. The author also went on to tell you what happen’s to some of the characters at the end ,which I liked very much. all in all it was a very good book.”


Jessica MacIntyre

Indie Authors Posted on Thu, July 04, 2013 18:11:43

To start my wonderful new blog I would like to introduce you to… Jessica MacIntyre

Jessica MacIntyre was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia and raised in the tiny rural community of Soldiers Cove. A habitual daydreamer, MacIntyre was sent to the principal’s office many times during her school years for not paying attention in class. In 1998 she moved to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia with her husband and began writing seriously a few years later. Her first novel, “The Vampires of Soldiers Cove” is available now on Amazon and is the first in the “Vampire Island” series. MacIntyre has also published a work of Paranormal Erotica titled, “The Slave Queen”, also for sale on Amazon. She lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia with her husband and two children.

And her novel The Vampires of Soldiers Cove…

When 24 year old Rachel Landry, who suffers from a debilitating mental illness, receives a knock at her door one night from a stranger she gets an offer she can’t refuse. The chance to live as a vampire, gaining eternal life and relative sanity seems like a great plan. Soon she comes to realize she has been turned for a specific purpose and her vampire existence may be short lived. Also the handsome stranger may not be as much of a stranger as she thought. Facing her demons along with new enemies she must come to rely on her own strength to save her life, and the life of her new clan.

With a shiny new cover…

What reviewers have said…

“What I absolutely love about The Vampires of Soldiers Cove was, not only Ms. MacIntyre’s writing style – she has an excellent command on storytelling, grammar and editing, but I also loved the edginess, violence, power and hot sex. TVOSC is in no way formulaic. This book is deliciously dark, edgy and riveting”

” I have to say I read ALOT of vampire stories and Jessica’s is a new, fresh take on the whole vampire genre! I absolutely fell in LOVE with Rachel! She is such a strong, intelligent, resilient young woman who has faced down more adversity in 24 years than most could bear in a lifetime and still has her wits about her.”

“With so many vampire books on the market I was skeptical at first that this book would contain anything different. Boy, was I wrong!! The story starts out with a girl who has been treated for mental illness because she hears voices. Apparently a very handsome, hot-looking vampire has had his eye for her for some time, and realizes her “problem” could become an advantage to the vampires, and he “turns” her. What follows is a beautiful love story, and an exciting vampire story, which also features other mythical creatures. It was sexy and exciting and I couldn’t stop reading”

Go out and BUY IT!!!

New Authors

Indie Authors Posted on Tue, July 02, 2013 23:46:28

Having spoken to loads of Authors I will be posting some great books from fantastic Authors. Keep your eyes open from tomorrow!!


Indie Authors Posted on Sun, June 30, 2013 23:41:41

Welcome to all of the Authors that want to selflessly promote themselves on this blog.