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This blog had been set up to help ALL Indie Authors promote their work particularly those based in the UK. All are welcome here but I will remove posts that I believe to be offensive in nature.
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Teach Me Love by S. Moose

Cover Reveals Posted on Tue, August 27, 2013 12:15:05

Happy cover reveal day for Teach Me Love by S. Moose


Jacob Greene, sexy multimillionaire CEO of Greene Publishing is a broken man desperate to find reason in his life. Losing Katherine, the love of his life, makes a once gentle and kindhearted man into someone dark and miserable.

Abigail Anderson, single mother, second grade teacher, is tired of living her life alone. But the only man she’s ever loved betrayed her and left her in the dark. Now, three years later, their paths cross. A rocky beginning soon turns into something more. Real. The feeling is mutual and their feelings grow. But secrets always have a way of coming out. Will Jacob and Abigail be able to learn how to to love again or will they suffer alone for the rest of their lives?

My name is Saoching Moose, writing as S.Moose. My debut novel, Reaching Out For You, published on June 8, 2013. This novel is the first of the Never Letting Go Series. I am a self-published author and I love every moment. I have met some amazing people and am very excited about what’s to come.

I live in Webster, NY with my husband. I enjoy being with my family and friends. I graduated from St. John Fisher College with my Bachelor of Arts degree in 2011.

I love writing and it’s always been a dream of mine to publish my work. I’m an avid reader and love reading books with a happy ending-I’m a sucker for romance. I want to inspire others with my words the way I have been inspired through countless works of literature. I think that everyone has a purpose in life, it just takes time to find it.

Logan’s Acadian Wolves by Kym Grosso

Cover Reveals Posted on Tue, August 27, 2013 12:01:00

So this was supposed to have been posted yesterday but my server went down…sooooooooo sorry Kym…but here it is although a day late and I can’t wait!!

Here’s the blurb:

Deep in the heart of New Orleans, Acadian Wolves’ Alpha, Logan Reynaud, rescues a beautiful woman in the dead of night. Intrigued by the mysterious human, the commanding Alpha is determined to elicit all of her secrets, including her deepest fantasies. After tragedy strikes, Logan discovers dangerous adversaries are planning an attack in his city. Driven by responsibility and honor, Logan must protect both his pack and the woman who’s captivated his attention.

Dr. Wynter Ryan, a leading virologist, is fascinated with her charismatic protector. As the chemistry ignites between her and the dominant Alpha, she relinquishes her ties to the past, embracing ecstasy and submission within his arms and intrepidly acquiescing to her own adventurous instincts. Succumbing to desire, she learns to trust her Alpha, discovering what it means to be wolf.

Passion and mystery on the bayou stirs Logan’s wolf, demanding he claim his mate. Yet Wynter’s a distraction he can’t afford when his priority is to lead his new pack. Will Logan surrender to the uncontrollable need to claim Wynter as his mate? And will he be able to keep her alive, finding the killer who threatens the Acadian Wolves?

Kym Grosso, MBA

Together Forever by Vicki Green

Cover Reveals Posted on Tue, August 27, 2013 11:57:17

Today I have for you a sexy cover reveal for Together Forever by Vicki Green…

Together Forever (Forever
Series, #2)

Author: Vicki Green

Genre: Contemporary Adult Romance

October 1,

Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions


After escaping her ordinary life and following her
dream of writing a romance novel, Allie Richard’s finds herself falling in love
with her sexy best friend Shane Barton. But all too soon, her past catches up
to her, trying to tear their budding romance apart.

Finally finding the amazing girl of his dreams,
Shane Barton races to protect what’s his and will do anything to protect her.
This loving and sexy man is tender to the touch but will fight to keep them

Will Allie and Shane be able to withstand what her
past throws at them to put an end to their happiness? Will they ever be able to
be Together Forever?

Author Bio:

Green grew up in Overland Park, Kansas and has resided in Olathe, Kansas for
more than 25 years. Along with her husband and two teenage boys, she shares her
home with her cocker spaniel’s Shadow and Mocha. She has been working full time
at the same Company for almost 35 years. Her life has been filled with the most
loving and caring parents, who are both in Heaven now but are still in her
heart and mind daily.

enjoys reading books, too many on her Kindle and Nook to count, which is what
inspired her to begin writing this book.

Social Links:


Twitter: @rileyks3

Goodreads Author:

Goodreads Book Link:





Tease by Cambria Hebert

Cover Reveals Posted on Mon, August 26, 2013 12:26:31

To start to day I have a cover reveal for you…Tease by Cambria Herbert…

Title: Tease

Series: Take It Off (a new adult contemporary series of stand alone books)

Author: Cambria Hebert

Release Date: September 16, 2013

Format: Ebook and Paperback

Harlow McAlister is a broke college
student. When her tuition assistance is taken away she is faced with a choice:
admit to her mother she couldn’t hack it on her own or make a lot of money

So she gets a good paying job.

As a stripper.

She thought it would be easy but it turns
out being sexy is a lot harder than she thought. When a few mishaps work in her
favor she manages to hang on to her job and catch the eye of the Mad Hatter’s
best looking bartender, Cam.

She’s also caught the eye of someone who
wants to do more than look, someone who’s decided that she’s nothing but a

As the clothes come off, Harlow finds
herself caught between lust and murder. The only thing she knows for sure is
that her new risqué job is a lot more than she bargained for.


Cambria Hebert is the author of the
young adult paranormal Heven and Hell series,
the new adult Death Escorts series,
and the new adult Take it Off series.
She loves a caramel latte, hates math and is afraid of chickens (yes,
chickens). She went to college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major,
and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will
always have good hair. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband
and children (both human and furry) where she is plotting her next book. You
can find out more about Cambria and her work by visiting

Stalker links:

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Cambria’s website:

Bird Of Prey by Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba

Cover Reveals Posted on Fri, August 23, 2013 13:40:21

– Bird Of Prey

Series – Sémya Slotin Mystery #1

Author – Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba

Genre – Mystery Romance

Publication Date – November
25th 2013

Publisher – Ever After Edition

Cover Artist – Danielle-Claude
Ngontang Mba


This was
supposed to be an easy case…

Sémya Slotin had
spent the last three years living in London with her best friend Polliannah
Koch staying away from solving cases. After Hawaii, she was taking a break from
puzzles, cases and mysteries that could potentially get her killed. Instead, she had been doing her second and
third favorite things, drinking and selling expensive vintage wines and having
earthshattering sex with the mysterious, sexy, beautiful but ever so secretive
Josh Heinz. Life in London was good….until her funds ran out. Too much wine
drinking, not enough wine selling!

When fashion
designer and adoptive mother, Annika Slotin, summoned her back to Paris to hire
her for what Sémya considered being the easiest case of her amateur sleuth
career, all she could think of and seeing was money signs and a well-deserved
Cuban holiday once it was solved.

What Sémya
didn’t see was her stumbling on the fresh corpse of supermodel Johanna Cartier.
She didn’t think that male model turned fashion designer Julian Marais-Caldwin,
who also happened to be Sémya’s ex, would be suspected of brutally murdering
her. Johanna was his girlfriend, his muse and he loved her. Sémya didn’t see
the dead bodies piling up or the conspiracy theories.

Sémya was a little rusty. But then again, it
was supposed to be an easy case and she was going to solve it. One vintage wine at a time… Sémya Slotin was
officially back in business!

Amazon Kindle Link (author profile)

Amazon Paperback Link (author

Goodreads Link


was born in Quebec City, Canada from Gabonese parents but grew up in
Paris and Libreville the Gabonese capital until the age of 18. Are you yawning
yet? I am…

is my first language and my next novel Bird Of Prey will be released in both
languages…wish me luck!

moved back to Canada in 1999 after high school in Libreville to study
Cinematography and Digital movie production in Laval University in Quebec then
The International Academy of Design and Technology in Toronto. After
graduating in 2003, I decided to sell my soul to the corporate world
and worked in the Benefit Outsourcing Industry for seven in Toronto before
reconnecting with her first passion writing.

finally went back to school to study creative writing at Georges Brown
College in 2010 and 2011. I started to write The Coulda
Woulda Shoulda Series
as an assignment and finished Book One in late 2011 before moving
to London.

the rest as they say is history… Almost two years later, I’m in London and
wrote three novels. One has already been released This Could Have Been Our
Song! A coulda woulda shoulda ballad… (Book one) the other two will be released
by March 2014.


Amazon Author Page

Website –





Piercing the Fold by Vanessa Kimball

Cover Reveals Posted on Fri, August 23, 2013 12:46:56

For the average human being, seeing dark
auras, hearing ghostly whispers, and witnessing a contortion in the face of a
passerby could easily be chalked up to hallucinations, daydreams, nightmares;
mere illusions in reality. If we look hard enough, we will find explanations
for such paranormal events. However, in this world, there are humans that are
not so average. These humans are part of a bigger plan. Jesca Gershon-Sera is
entering her sophomore year of college in Marietta Georgia, her hometown. She
holds down a part-time job with her best friend, her family is close by, and
school is going well. Everything should be perfect. Except, recently Jesca has
been experiencing strange things; hallucinations, nightmares, daydreams that
she hasn’t experienced in years. Jesca attempts to brush them off as stress
from her new semester at school, but the illusions plaguing her reality
intensify. Jesca “illusions in reality” begin manifesting within her as
supernatural strength and abilities. Could she be losing her mind? Ezra Kahn, a
mysterious professor of Jesca’s, happens to be everywhere she is recently;
since the illusions intensified. Along with the slight fear that Ezra is
stalking her, Jesca fears that he may be the culprit of these illusions. One
night, in the heat of one of Jesca’s grand illusions, Ezra approaches her with
an unexpected revelation up his sleeve. He reveals that she is not losing her
mind, but rather all of the “illusions” in her skewed reality are very real and
cause for inconceivable, catastrophic events to come. Ezra explains to her
that, by birth, she is part of a fellowship of guardians that have inherited
the responsibility to protect our earth and the human race. In Piercing the
Fold: Book 1, “illusions in reality” are as real as you and I through the eyes
of college student, Jesca Gershon Sera, and a fellowship of guardians
predestined to protect humanity. *The Piercing the Fold series is intended for
Mature Young Adult and Adult readers due to the the paranormal and unorthodox
scientific concepts addressed throughout. This series contains a rich mixture
of the paranormal, science fiction, romance, adventure, and suspense.

About the Author:

In 2010, Venessa Kimball was struck by an
idea, a story, that needed telling. Having always been passionate about the
written word, Venessa embarked on writing what would become her debut novel,
Piercing the Fold: Book 1; a mature young adult/ adult crossover, paranormal,
science fiction series. July 2, 2012, Venessa Kimball independently published
the first book in the Piercing the Fold series. Book 2, Surfacing the Rim,
released March 14, 2013.

In August of 2013, Venessa joined the
publishing house, Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly. The Piercing the Fold
series will be re-published with them beginning with Piercing the Fold: Book 1
on September 3, 2013. Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 will be re-published on
September 24. 2013 and Ascending the Veil: Book 3 will be released for the
first time on October 18, 2013. The final book in the series, Book 4 (Title
TBD) will release in 2014.

As for the future, Venessa is already
filling her Work-In-Progress folder. Two of her future projects are
contemporary fiction and will reflect her diversity as a writer in other
genres. When Venessa is not writing, she is keeping active with her husband and
three children, chauffeuring said children to extracurricular activities,
participating in charitable 5k and 10k races(crazy…but she loves to run),
catching a movie with her hubby, and staying up way too late reading.

Darkest Dawn by E.I Jennings

Cover Reveals Posted on Thu, August 22, 2013 15:09:28

And today I give you the official cover reveal for DARKEST DAWN by me…mememememememeememeemememe…sorry got carried away…by E.I Jennings…

So not trying to sound too biased what’s my fabulous new book about???

*This book is for adult readers only as it contains explicit sex scenes*

The Darkest Days are finally upon us and the Daughters of Eve shall rise again.
Jess sacrificed herself for the people she loved but she now has to pay the consequences for her actions because something dark is coming and it is heading straight for her. She really did not think her life could get any more complicated but when another tall dark stranger walks back into her life she realises she has a decision to make. All she wants is for everyone to leave her alone and let her live the life she thought she once had but things are getting out of control fast. The love she has for Reuban can only ground her for so long and her anger is beginning to spiral out of control. If she tells him how she really feels she could lose him forever or get him killed and that is a risk she could never forgive herself for.
The Council have accepted her for what she is but has she? There is a huge possibility everyone she loves is going to die if she stays, but if she walks away she will have to leave the love of her life behind and that would rip her soul apart.
The only way out is to work with the one person she hates more than anything in this world and that was going to take a lot of self restraint if she was going to get through this nightmare without killing him.
Reuban can see the torment within Jess and it is breaking his heart. He would do anything to ease her pain even if it meant letting her walk away, destroying him in the process. His only hope is to seek guidance from Brigate and finally understand the true meaning of Megan’s Prophecy. It started with a Prophecy and it is there he will find the truth and it is a secret that could tear the Council to pieces.
A fractured alliance will be formed again with a new generation of warriors and Jess is at its centre. The war is about to begin and a destiny will finally be fulfilled!

Other Books in the series:
Rising Dawn
Burning Desire: Juliet’s Story (novella)

My book will be release on 31st August and 10% of my royalties are being donated to Mind’s Creative Therapy Fund which helps people with mental illness through the creative arts. So stay tuned….

Karma by Nikki Sex

Cover Reveals Posted on Wed, August 21, 2013 10:21:58

This morning I have the cover reveal for Karma by Nikki Sex…

Book: Karma

Author: Nikki Sex

Genre: Romance

Release date: August 31, 2013

Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions


love has nothing to do with luck, and everything to do with karma…

Marcy Paget
worked full time putting her husband through university. When he finally became
a success, he dumped her for a trophy wife more than ten years younger than he
was, leaving Marcy to raise their seven year old daughter by herself.

Even though
Marcy knows she is better off alone than with a cheating husband who doesn’t
love her, she is still struggling to make ends meet.

When an
ethical dilemma is presented to her however, she never realizes the karmic
chain of events that will follow her decision….

Author Bio:

Hey there, I’m Nikki Sex and I
write adult romance!

Yes, you are of course correct,
that isn’t my real name. I’m a complete coward where my mother is concerned.
Luckily my mother is in denial. She still thinks I was a virgin when I got married.

I’ve been writing for well over a
year now, and this convoluted little head of mine always seems to have another
story trying to get out. I hope you give one of my books a try!

Social Links:

Facebook | Website | Twitter | Goodreads Author


Whiskey Lullaby

Cover Reveals Posted on Tue, August 20, 2013 13:04:42

And my next cover reveal is Whiskey Lullaby bu Dawn Martens and Emily Minton…congrats ladies smiley

Book Info:

Title: Whiskey Lullaby

Authors: Dawn Marten & Emily Minton

Blurb: Julie Walker thought she found true love with Jase. Until he
betrayed her in the worst way, with one of her best friends. Devastated and
heartbroken she runs away,leaving behind her family and friends. She starts a
new life filled with secrets.

When Julie meets Dean, she thinks he is the
answer to all her prayers, but Dean isn’t who she thinks he is.

Jase Gibson is a player. Even when he had the
girl of his dreams, he still played. When he lost Julie, his life fell apart.
He turned to whiskey and women, to fill the void. But, only Julie will ever
make him whole.

Nine years later, Julie’s back home, but shes
not alone. What will happen when all of Julie’s secrets are uncovered?
Jase vowed that if he ever got her back, he
would do right by her and never let her go. Will he let Julie’s secret keep
them apart?

When Julie’s ex-husband refuses to be her ex,
Jase must choose to help her or hang on to his anger.
Jase and Julie have to find a way to give their
whiskey lullaby a happy ending.

Expected Publication Date:
September 30, 2013

Goodreads Link:

About The Author:

Dawn Martens: I’m Dawn. I co-wrote a
two books(Chase and Kade) with fellow author Chantal Fernando, in the Resisting
Love. We went solo on three of the books, she wrote Ryder, and she is writing
James, and I’m writing Derek.

Also working on a book
currently with my friend Isabella Bearden, called A Second Chance!

AND I’m currently
writing a book with good friend Emily Minton called Whiskey Lullaby.

I drink too much,
Swear too much, and Read too much. Yes I read too much. I don’t have a filter,
and I tend to speak before I think.

I’m a beta reader for
many authors, I’m on a few authors ARC list, because apparently I’m THAT
awesome. 😉 And I also Edit. Not a professional, but I do help a few with that.

I have two children,
5&2, and have another on the way. They bug the shit outta me, but hey,
that’s what kids are supposed to do. 😉 Married since 2007. He’s amazing, but
he’s also a bigger pain in my ass than my kids are.

I love to read. and I
love being able to write stories that *I* want to read!

I couldn’t do this
without the help of some very special friends!

Author Social Media

About the Author:

I’m Emily. I am the proud mother of
two lovable but irritating teenagers. I have been married for over
twenty years, but I would gladly trade my husband for Tatumn Jackson any day!

If you are wondering who that is, you need to
read Sweet Dreams by KA now. Kristen Ashley is my queen!

I love to read. I am a complete mommy
porn junkie! I have more books on my kindle than most people could read
in a lifetime, but I will get to them all eventually!

I am also an avid blogger. I love to
share my favorite books and pimp my favorite authors.

I hope you all enjoy Whiskey Lullaby!










Prizes: Chase and Kade
eBooks and $5.00 Amazon Giftcard


Curves and the Sheriff

Cover Reveals Posted on Tue, August 20, 2013 12:41:56

Today I have for you a fantastic cover reveal for Curves and the Sheriff by Jenn Roseton….Yeeee Haaa

Book: Curves and the Sheriff

Author: Jenn Roseton

Genre: Sexy Contemporary Western
Romance – BBW Romance

August 20,

Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions


Libby Grant breezes into Coldwater Springs, the last thing she expects is to be
pulled over on the highway by Sheriff Jake Morgan. Sparks fly when Jake suspects her of being a
con-artist and is tempted to arrest her!

when he discovers the real reason she’s in town, he finds he can’t get curvy
Libby out of his mind – or his heart.
Can he convince her that his feelings for her are real?

And it’s now live to BUY:

Author Bio:

Roseton believes that romance and happy endings go together. When she’s not
writing, she indulges in delicious gourmet chocolate. Although she’s spent time
in Wyoming, unfortunately she hasn’t met a sexy cowboy of her own – yet.

Social Links:

Facebook | Website | Twitter | Goodreads Author

An Undying Oath by HK Savage

Cover Reveals Posted on Sat, August 17, 2013 12:50:34

First of all today I have to fabulous Cover Reveal for An Undying Oath by HK Savage….

An Undying Oath

Author: HK Savage

Published by: Staccato Publishing….html

Cover Artist: Airicka’s Mystical Creations

Hosted by: Bawaka’s Book Fair


Sargent Justin Shaw returned from the war with what
is left of his unit, though instead of being hailed as heroes, they are being
sought as test subjects. Their last mission behind enemy lines to obtain a WMD
ended with them exposed and on the run. Their goal is not only to destroy the
weapon, but also the program being run by their own government. Justin and his
men have sacrificed everything for their mission. Will it be enough? Samantha
James, a girl whose father disappeared almost twenty years ago unwittingly
holds the key. When her father returns bodies start to fall. Sam doesn’t know
who to trust. Both Justin and her father have their own agendas and either one
of them could end up with her dead.

HK Savage has been a voracious reader of anything
she could get her hands on going back to the second grade when she would set
her alarm two hours early to read before school. Her passion for the written
word has continued and flowed into writing going back nearly as far. Her books
have fans in twenty countries on six continents with hopes of attracting
attention on Antarctica if for no other reason than to check a box.

Currently, HK is a mother, wife and black belt in
Karate as well as an avid dressage rider. Her three dogs: a Doberman puppy and
two ancient Doxies keep her busy when she is not writing or working.

HK has been an editor for several newsletters over
the years, her favorite being for Heifer International where her ideas were put
into effect and complimented by those on high. Currently her editing skills,
honed for nearly a decade in advertising media, have been focused on her peers
and clients in the writing world as Founder and Editor in Chief of Staccato
Publishing and new digital imprint, Darkest Night Publishing.

Paranormal is a favorite genre as well as science
fiction and the possibilities we have not yet realized. Her favorite premise:
“what if?”








THE ADMIRAL’S ELITE SERIES’s+elite&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Ahk+savage+admiral’s+elite



Love Lost by Maria DeSouza

Cover Reveals Posted on Fri, August 16, 2013 12:48:00

The first thing I have for you all is a cover reveal for Love Lost by Mara DeSouza. It’s her début novel and doesn’t it look awesome??? So for everyone that loves Contemporary Romance you really need to add this to your TBR pile. It’s expected release date is 30th September!!!!

Cover Model is Joe

Designer: Rochelle McGrath from Shamrock Cover Designs:

Photographers: Front
cover is Jubert Gilay

Back cover with the rose
is David Massa

So who is Maria DeSouza?….

I am a 31 yr old NJ native, not to be mistaken for the craziness that is the NJ Housewives or Jersey Shore! I have two children, who are my life and family that makes me want to scream at times, but I love them. I started my affair with reading and writing at a young age. I loved where books took me, and wished for the day when I would meet my dream boat. (Yes, I referred to my future man as a dream boat. Child of the 80s here!) I grew up on Stephen King, Nora Roberts, and anything my library would let me borrow. I would always grab a notebook and start writing about the books I read because I wanted the story to continue. I never took it seriously until I had a friend a few years ago tell me that I needed to publish my work after I wrote down a short story. My reaction was…yeah, right! The words stuck with me and I was constantly asked, “Did you write more? Are you done?” A back injury put my writing on hold for almost 2 yrs and last year, I found the WIP file and started reading. Then, I started writing and adding to it. That little dream turned story will be my debut novel, Love Lost.

Love can come into your life in an instant, and leave just as quickly….

Jason Straiz is a New York detective working on a case to bring down a major crime lord.
He keeps his life simple. Work. Family. Friends.
Until he meets Selene.

Selene is a lawyer on a mission.
Her goal is to bring down the monster that has been terrorizing her for years.
When she meets Jason, the attraction is intense.
When Selene realizes Jason is after the same person she is, he becomes a complication.
When his case and her mission collide, will her secrets destroy a future they could have together?
Can he handle the truth about her?

Can love truly conquer all or is there a limit?

Stalker Links…and if you go and like her facebook page there’s a giveaway going on!!

FB Page:



Clover by Braxton Cole

Cover Reveals Posted on Thu, August 08, 2013 12:53:34

Book: Clover

Author: Braxton Cole

Release date: September 3, 2013

Genre: Erotic Romance

Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions


Clover Watson wants more from life than what she can find on her daddy’s farm in southern Oregon. Young, smart, and driven, she has a plan and she refuses to be distracted from her goals. After four years at the University of Washington in Seattle, she heads home for the summer with her diploma and an acceptance letter to graduate school at Portland State. She’s sure she’s got things all figured out.

Except for Jake Feldman. He was one of her childhood friends, and she hasn’t seen him since he stopped visiting his aunt, Clover’s neighbor, ten years ago. This summer he’s back in town and all grown up — sweet, handsome, and completely smitten with Clover.

At first, she thinks a harmless summer fling is the perfect reward for her hard work at school. But as the summer continues and their romance grows, Jake challenges everything she thought she knew about herself and her plans. When September comes, Clover is forced to evaluate what she really wants, but can she find a way to write Jake into her life?

Meet the Author

Braxton Cole lives in the Pacific Northwest where she spends most of her time holed up in her office writing stories. When she’s not writing, she can be found riding her bike, hiking the fabulous local trails, chasing her kids, or wishing that her thumb was a little more green. She has a bad habit of killing what she tries to grow, but hasn’t given up hopes of one day being a successful urban farmer.

Braxton writes erotic romance because romance is the stuff that makes life great, and sex is fun. The two belong together, both in life and in fiction.

Social Links:

Facebook | Facebook Page | Website | Twitter | Goodreads Author

Unexpected Angel by Sloan Johnson

Cover Reveals Posted on Mon, August 05, 2013 09:34:56

Title: Unexpected

Author: Sloan Johnson

Release Date: August 5, 2013

Genre: Erotica

Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions


Tasha Skinner finally shed the baggage of a failed marriage.
Now, she’s looking forward to a night of margaritas and man-bashing. Tasha’s
friends have other plans, including Leather, Lace and liberation.

Dylan Caprese didn’t want to go to Marquee, but he and his
friends were on a mission. They took it upon themselves to make sure things
didn’t get out of hand when wannabe Doms mixed alcohol with playtime at the
monthly Leather and Lace night.

From the moment he set eyes on Tasha, he knew there was
something different about her. She wasn’t some bondage babe who thought she
knew what it meant to be into BDSM. She was much, much worse; she was innocent
and trusting. He can tell she is something precious.

When Tasha’s past threatens to destroy her, Dylan begins to
realize that while their paths have never crossed, their lives most definitely
have. Will he be able to save her before it’s too late?

Buy Links:


Author Bio:

Sloan is a Midwestern mom who began writing
nearly seven years ago as a way to make money while staying home with her
daughter. Now, with two kids in tow and having written more articles on how to
assemble various pieces of furniture than she can count, she
is reaching to make her dreams come true.

Social Links:



Cover Reveals Posted on Wed, July 31, 2013 13:34:12

Today I have an awesome cover reveal for DEREK by Dawn Martens…

Book Info:

Title: Derek (Resisting Love 4)

Author: Dawn Martens

Blurb: Rylie Sullivan hasn’t had an easy life. She is broken, so
broken she doesn’t think she will ever be fixed. When she meets Derek, he
barges into her life and tries to break down the walls she has so carefully
construed to keep what’s left of her safe. When Rylie’s past mixes with her
present, will Derek stand by her and help her survive? Or will he bail for the
next pretty thing?

Derek Tremaine has had it easy. Coming from a
wealthy family and blessed with good looks, Derek has breezed through life.
After years of one night stands, and a few half ass attempts at relationships,
Derek has almost given up on ever finding the woman for him. When he sees Rylie
however, he can’t help but be drawn to her. Rylie is different, more so than
any other person Derek has met. Rylie’s beauty- her tattoos, piercings and
beautiful blonde dreads drew him in, but it’s her sweet, kind nature that makes
him want to stay around and protect her. Winning Rylie’s heart will be his
greatest challenge yet, but Derek knows the reward will be more than worth
Which is why Derek has no intentions of letting
her go.

Expected Publication
Date: Fall 2013

Goodreads Link:

And who is this great Author?

I’m Dawn. I co-wrote a
two books(Chase and Kade) with fellow author Chantal Fernando, in the Resisting
Love. We went solo on three of the books, she wrote Ryder, and she is writing
James, and I’m writing Derek.

Also working on a book
currently with my friend Isabella Bearden, called A Second Chance!

AND I’m currently
writing a book with good friend Emily Minton called Whiskey Lullaby.

I drink too much,
Swear too much, and Read too much. Yes I read too much. I don’t have a filter,
and I tend to speak before I think.

I’m a beta reader for
many authors, I’m on a few authors ARC list, because apparently I’m THAT
awesome. 😉 And I also Edit. Not a professional, but I do help a few with that.

I have two children,
5&2, and have another on the way. They bug the shit outta me, but hey,
that’s what kids are supposed to do. 😉 Married since 2007. He’s amazing, but
he’s also a bigger pain in my ass than my kids are.

I love to read. and I
love being able to write stories that *I* want to read!

I couldn’t do this
without the help of some very special friends!

Author Social Media Links:

And a little teaser for you all…

For Now

Cover Reveals Posted on Sat, July 27, 2013 12:29:29

Saturday brings us a fabulous Cover Real by Nicole Deatherage…

Who’s this awesome Author?

Nicole is an Arizona
native who loves to read. She picked up her first Harlequin at the age of 12
(much to her father’s dismay) and hasn’t stopped reading romance novels since.
“For Now” is her debut novel, although she has about 3 partially written books on
her computer.

Whats the book all about…

After being
dumped the day before her wedding, Leigh stopped believing in ‘happily ever
after’. She moved forward, picked up the pieces, and decided that having a
physical relationship with her brother’s best friend, Jax McKay, would be the
perfect way to jump start her new single status. She knows he doesn’t do
commitment, and that’s exactly what she needs.

Jax had always thought of Leigh as unobtainable. Not only was she his best
friend’s little sister, but until recently she was spoken for. When she propositions
him, he devises a plan to make her his, even though he knows she’s only looking
for something temporary.

Will he be able to keep her for always, or only For Now?

Expected Publication
Date: October 2013

Add to your
to read list :

Yearning Devotion

Cover Reveals Posted on Thu, July 25, 2013 12:07:25

An awesome cover reveal for Yearning Desire by Rachael Orman

Genre: Erotica

Release date: July 28, 2013

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has had a hard life with many difficult circumstances that have made her a
hard woman, who sometimes makes decisions others don’t understand. Thankfully
McKayla is in her life to help keep her grounded and is the woman who helps
her keep her head when all else seems lost.

Then one day, a man comes into Gwen’s life that
makes things take an unexpected twist and makes her face the demons of her

Will this man help Gwen become a stronger woman
or will it break her completely?

Author Bio:

Rachael is a stay at home mom with 2 young
daughters and a husband that keep her constantly on her toes. She lives in the
extremely hot state of Arizona, where she reads and writes away the blistering
heat outside. She is a cancer survivor with a quirky personality. She’s been
an avid reader for as long as she can remember and been writing since she was
in high school. Her hopes of being a writer were crushed when she was young
but one day she decided she was going to do what makes her happy and that was
to write.

Social Links:




Cover Reveals Posted on Mon, July 22, 2013 13:07:33

Today I have another cover reveal for you all. I hear you ask who is the awesome Author today? Its the fabulous…

Brooke Cumberland and her latest novel SPARK releasing on 6th August

Brooke is a
midwestern gal, from the cheese state of Wisconsin! Go Packers! She’s a
stay-at-home mom of three beautiful children (one daughter & two stepsons)
and a black fury dog. She’s studied psychology in college, and counseling and
education in graduate school where she found her love for writing. Most days
you can find her reading or writing, or just hanging out with her family! She
loves movies, cooking, and shopping! She’s addicted to Starbucks, Coach
purses, and
wearing yoga pants.

What’s Spark all about?

When your past controls your future, how do you move forward?
Velaney Wills knows about that all too well.
Weak, powerless, and fearing the one person who has hurt her the most…can she
overcome the barriers to move forward?

Being saved by a muscled Godsend was never on her agenda, but when firefighter,
Eric Reilley comes into her life unexpectedly, everything changes.

Velaney has never felt loved or cared for, and her past prevents
her from letting anyone in. Eric manages to break down her walls – despite the
repercussions that come for them afterwards.

They have an undeniable spark – something she has never felt
before, but will it be enough? Can love overcome all obstacles? Can they save
each other to protect their love or will her past shatter everything she never
knew she needed…?

**Spark is for mature audiences only – strong language, explicit
sexual content, and sexual abuse are apparent.**


Want more? Here’s a sneaky peak…

The shower feels absolutely amazing. The cold water hits my face washing all the dirt and ash off of me. I rinse my hair, washing it twice to make sure the smell is gone. I scrub my face getting the ash out of my pores. I stay an extra ten minutes just letting the water run off me. Finally, I get out and grab a towel. Oh crap, wouldn’t you know, no towel. That was the downside to working on laundry day. I peek out my bedroom door and call out to Carissa, “Riss! Can you bring me a towel?” I’m shivering from the windows being left open blowing air right over my bare skin. “Riss!” Ugh, she’s not answering. I peek out and see she’s nowhere to be found. Oh, what the heck. I tiptoe down the hall and across the living room. Our rooms are on opposite sides of the apartment, which benefits me greatly when she brings guy friends over. We had our own bathrooms as well, leaving little to argue about. “Where the heck are you…son of a—” I quickly cover my parts with my freezing cold hands as I hear him laugh. “Turn around!” I demand. He continues laughing as the blood drains from my face completely. My face is pale, and I could die right now. Literally die. “Sorry, didn’t mean to disturb ya there.” The southern tone comes from his sweet lips. Eric. He blinks several times before finally covering his eyes. Oh holy balls, he just saw me naked. Butt naked. And wet.

Social Links:

Facebook | Goodreads Author | Website | Twitter

Goodreads book:

Selene Chardou

Cover Reveals Posted on Mon, July 15, 2013 18:10:22

Today I have for you a COVER REVEAL for Out From Under a stand alone novel from Selene Chardou.

Title: Out From Under, A Novel (Stand alone, not part of a

Author: Selene Chardou

release date
: July 31st, 2013

Genre: Romantic Mystery & Suspense / Contemporary Romance

New Adult

Designed by
: Alicia C.
Mattern ( and CL Smith (

Isn’t it GREAT! From experience I know how much love and care goes into producing a book cover for your novel. I want that tattoo!!!

So, what’s the book about I hear you say?

Trista Lennon is strong, independent and only
desires freedom. Freedom from the control of her parents, freedom from the
motorcycle gangs she has had to put up with her whole life and freedom from a
relationship that will trap her into the very life she has no wish to ever

The day before she’s supposed to leave for Stanford
University to pursue her dreams, her world is shattered. After a tragedy that
tears her family apart, Trey, her cousin, Talia, invites her to L.A. Her life
is all the sudden Hollywood stars and sunshine, late nights and wild parties.

And then she meets him.

Linx Carter isn’t looking for a relationship. He
survived a dysfunctional marriage with his childhood sweetheart, which produced
two sons, an inability to trust women and a multitude of lies. He merely wants
to recuperate from a rough, six month tour Winter’s Regret just completed with
superstar band, Scarlet Fever, and enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Until he sees her.

Trista and Linx fight their attraction for one
another like war on a battlefield.

She has a closetful of secrets and he would rather
be single and pathetic than date a teenage girl who seems older than her years. However
the passion between them is too much to resist and they realize in order to
heal one another, they must destroy the walls they have constructed so tightly
around their hearts.

And who wrote this great book? Well…

Selene Chardou is a
world traveler and the alter-ego of Elle Chardou.

Ms. Chardou’s writing
is all about hot romance and exciting times with the wild, damaged, out of
control and/or rich and famous set in the New Adult realm.

She is currently
working on Out from Under and The Will to Love, the first novel in the
Scarlet Fever Series, which will
chronicle the relationship of Will Cullen and Laurel Munsen. She also has a pop
stars series planned and an MC series planned that chronicles the issues
between Lucifer’s Saints and Demon’s Bastards motorcycle clubs.

Ms. Chardou has lived
abroad in Stockholm (Sweden), Manchester (England), Los Angeles, the San
Francisco Bay Area and Portland. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.


You can also contact this Author on the following and add this book to your TBR (to be read) list on Goodreads…

Blog: The Realm of Selene Chardou located



Selene. Chardou’s Mailing List for early notification of New Books HERE!

Selene Chardou on Twitter:!/ellechardou

Selene Chardou on Facebook: